Seats2meet Data Protection: your data, you are in control

Protecting your personal data #

The platform follows ‘Privacy by Design’ principles. Functions to inform and to provide all required controls to users are part of the Seats2meet passport, which is an integral component of the platform. Data protection risks and measures are monitored frequently, this is supervised by the Data Protection Officer.

The GDPR prescribes a number of documents and procedures for a properly embodied organisational privacy culture.
To meet these demands, we have established:

  1. a transparant and public privacy protocol (this website)
  2. a processing register
  3. an overview of processors, including details about their policies and processor agreements 
  4. a procedure and register for reporting data leaks
  5. implemented up to date cookie policy
  6. up to date Terms & Conditions for users, with versioned consent audit trail
  7. up to date privacy policy
  8. terms and conditions for location providers
  9. additional terms for powered by location operators that reside outside of the European Economic Area.

 All your rights to being informed and to exerting control over your personal data are provided by the Passport functionality.

Critical risks are actively mitigated by providing clarity and structure to be in control of these risks. The compass above depicts the balance we strive for: being risk aware and being in control. We have a culture of preventing bureaucracy that does not contribute to your privacy or our legal obligations as a company.

By conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments with operators in the network, we take a pro-active role in promoting responsible operation of the platform and the handling of personal data by our powered by location operators.

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Last updated on February 20, 2019
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