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Serendipity Algorithm #

We suggest relevant connections to our users through a algorithm we refer to as The Serendipity Machine.

The Serendipity Machine is a core component of the platform. It's purpose is to link users to other users, relevant content and services.

The original vision behind the algorithm is described in the e-Book 'The Serendipity Machine' (

 by Sebastian Olma.

Knowledge Tags in Passport

Every user of has a Passport account that provides all legally required functions to control and protect personal data. 

In this passport, the user can provide a set of 'knowledge tags' that label areas of expertise and interests that the user wants to advertise to the ecosystem.

Daily focus

Every time a user logs in, a question is presented about today's focus. Based on the answer to the focus question, matches with other users are suggested. 

These users can be physically co-located at a same location, or be available online somewhere else in the network. 

Text about knowledge tags goes here.

Daily batch process

Potential matches are updated during a daily batch process.

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Last updated on February 18, 2019
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