Seats2meet Data Protection: your data, you are in control

Frequently Asked Questions for Operators #

  • As an Operator in the Seats2meet network, what is my position according to the GDPR?
    Seats2Meet International B.V. and you as Operator are the Joint-Controllers of the personal data that your customers share on the platform. For more detailed information about your role as a Controller, please refer to this section of the GDPR guide provided by the UK Information Commissioners Office. 

  • What are the rules for publishing photography / video / social media that feature our guests?
    * Event organisers are responsible for obtaining and managing the required explicit consent from event participants.
    * If you make photographs or create video's featuring people for purposes related to running and promoting your location that are published for an undefined period of time, you can have the subjects sign this Quitclaim [Dutch].

  • We monitor (parts) of our location with security camera(s). What are our legal obligations?
    [Dutch] Gedetailleerde beschrijving van de regels door de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens 

  • During events, are we allowed to distribute a list of participants? 
    The handling of personal data of event participants is the responsibility of the event organiser. The organiser can only disitrbute these personal data if the participants to have given their explicit consent (upon registration) to the event organiser.

  • We provide freelancers/contractors that work on our behalf with access to our location's personal data, do they need to sign an agreement with us?  
    ... answer coming soon...

  • Does my location need to sign a separate data processing agreement with Seats2meet International?
    No, the conditions as defined in the Roles & Responsibilities you have accepted during the onboarding of your location cover all legal requirements. 

  • When an organisation resides at my location and works with the Seats2meet platform for bookings, do they need to accept a processor agreement from us? 
    No. All legal requirements are in place as soon as the user(s) that create these booking have accepted the Terms and Conditions that refer to our Terms and Conditions (and to this GDPR section of the platform).

  • My location resides outside of the European Economic Area, what are the legal requirements to comply with the GDPR?
    In addition to accepting the Roles & Responsibilities that apply to ALL locations, you need to sign an additional Data Transfer Agreement. We have made it simple to meet this additional requirement, please go to this section to see what you need to do.  


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Last updated on June 25, 2019
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