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Serendipity Algorithm #

The Serendipity Algorithm is our core algorithm for matching userprofiles, events, questions, articles and services. These matches are based on tags for which the algorithm calculates a ‘serendipity score‘. The highest scores are presented as matches at the following points of interaction:

  • online check-in from your Seats2meet passport
  • check-in on a pillar at the entrance one of our locations
  • a question is posted to the Seats2meet community 
  • registering for an event on the Seats2meet platform  

On the platform, pieces of information are ‘tagged’: users enter Knowledge Tags to keep their profiles up to date, magazine authors tag their articles, and event organiser assign tags to the events that are published. Each day a Serendipity Score is calculated between all of the known tags across the whole corpus. These scores are the foundation for presenting potential matches to users. 

When a user logs in or checks in at a physical location, (s)he is prompted to answer the focus question: “What’s your focus today?”. The words in the answer to this question are then cross-referenced with the tag corpus. Articles, events, locations and users that are linked to tags with a high serendipity score are then presented to the user as possible matches. When registering for an event, 

Daily Calculation of Serendipity Score

… coming soon… 

Calucalating potential matches

  • In passport or location check in
    … coming soon…
  • At events
    … coming soon…

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Last updated on August 28, 2019
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