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Serendipity Algorithm #

The Serendipity Algorithm is our core algorithm for matching userprofiles to each other, to events, questions, articles and services. The links between these items are based on tags for which the algorithm calculates a 'serendipity score'. Based on these scores, potential matches are suggested to the user. 

In several parts of the platform information is 'tagged': users enter Knowledge Tags in their profiles. Similarly authors of magazine articles and event organiser assign tags to the information they enter. Each day a Serendipity Score is calculated between each of these tags, across the whole corpus. These scores are the foundation for presenting potential matches to users. 

When a user logs in or checks in at a physical location, (s)he is prompted to answer the focus question: "What's your focus today?". The words in the answer to this question are then cross-referenced with the tag corpus. Articles, events, locations and users that are linked to tags with a high serendipity score are then presented to the user as possible matches. When registering for an event, 

Daily Calculation of Serendipity Score

... coming soon... 

Calucalating potential matches

  • In passport or location check in
    ... coming soon...
  • At events
    ... coming soon...
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Last updated on June 20, 2019
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