Hosting environment


The current major release of the application dates back to 2011 and is developed in Visual Studio.Net
The system, with exception of the payment processing, runs entirely on the Azure infrastructure as offered by Microsoft.
The Azure platform offers many operational advantages, such as a high scalability and a high cost efficiency.

Default configuration

The application runs on two ‘small’ load balanced web server instances with each one processor core and 1,75 GB memory and a single instance of SQL Server. ‘Small’ in this case refers to the package name that is offered by Azure. All online payments are processed on the infrastructure of Icepay. All E-mail traffic is handled by SendGrid.

An emergency switch to Amazon Cloudfront can be made in case an emergency fallback is needed.

Infrastructure workload

On an average workweek, the peak load for the configured processor capacity is 30%. In case traffic would jump such that performance starts degrading, Azure will seamlessly add additional server instances of equal capacity. The server administrator can also decide to increase the processing power of a single instance manually. This is of use in case more processing power is needed (e.g. for running a batch of reporting queries).