Booking a Meetingspace

Meeting spaces typically are separate rooms at a location that are booked for use by more than 1 person. A location can have multiple meeting spaces.

Check availability

The available meeting spaces can be searched by specifying a city or a directly a specific location, the number of seats needed, the date and the start and end times of the meeting.
The search defaults to the country from which the user is visiting the website, but can be overridden by selecting an alternative country.

Select available location
The search leads to an overview of the locations with availability for the specified number of seats on the given date and time. For each available location, a price per seat, address details and customer review scores are shown.

Select available space and options at a location

After selecting a location, a specific meeting space at that location is suggested. Here, the customer can select an alternative meeting space, the desired seating configuration and specify options such as Food & beverages and Audiovisual equipment. The booking details are updated with each change made by the customer.

(Social) login / Account registration

Customers are prompted to log in with an existing account, create a new account or log in with a social media identity. A recently added option is to request a link to be sent to your email address, which will allow you to log in directly.

Complete billing details

The customer is prompted to specify the address details for the invoice.
If already available for this account, this information is prefilled in the form.

Online payment

A bank transaction via Ideal or Credit card payment can be made,
which is processed by Icepay (external payment provider).

Booking confirmation

Upon completing the payment, a booking confirmation is presented. Note that an event that takes place at the location can be published to a public calendar to attract more attention.