Booking a Workspace

Workspace bookings are made on an individual basis only. If available, customers are checked in automatically to the location of their choice.

Workspace availability search

After selecting the ‘Workspace’ option, the customer can specify a city or location, a date and start and stop times for the booking.

Selection from search results

Based on the specified criteria, workspace availability is displayed. Note the icons, which indicate that the workspaces can be used in exchange of ‘Social Capital’ and do not require a financial transaction.

Adding options and Serendipity information after booking

After the selection of the workspace, the customer is checked in automatically and presented with the question above. The information provided here is used to promote the exchange of social capital and serendipity via The Serendipity Machine.

Depending on the configuration of the selected location, the customer can select additional options that may require payment. The customer can enter a voucher code to obtain benefits associated with that voucher. For an impression of the possibilities for setting up a voucher, see section 3.9.4.