3. Booking conditions: Workspace or Meetingspace 
3.1 Workspace booking conditions: Unless communicated otherwise, workspaces are available for booking without making a financial transaction in exchange of Social Capital (See item 5 in these terms). Some location operators do charge for the workspace they offer. In this case: if you cancel your booked workspace until 24 hours before the starting time of your reservation, we will not charge any cancellation fees. If you cancel within 24 hours before a reservation, a location operator may charge you a small cancellation fee.   
3.2 Meetingspace booking conditions: Meetingspaces can be booked in exchange for social capital and a financial transaction, unless communicated otherwise. You can cancel your booked seats until 24 hours before your booking. After this period of time your booking at the location is final and you will be charged the fee for the Meetingspace. Immediately after you have booked, you will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. Moreover, you will receive two e-mails from us, one week and 48 hours before the starting time of your booking. These e-mails contain extra confirmation and the option to immediately change your booking or to cancel it. 
4. Freedom to change your booking anywhere, anytime
4.1 You are free to change your booking online at up to 24 hours in advance.
4.2 You are fully responsible for providing correct and complete information in your booking. Make sure your booking information contains the final number of participants, the chosen food & drinks and the necessary audio-visual equipment, 24 hours in advance of your meeting. Costs for optional services, like food or equipment will be charged separately.