Development and testing process

Some defining characteristics of the current development process at Cyberdigma B.V. are:
Organizational Context

  • Close/direct interaction with end-users and commercial staff
  • Small team of two core developers, complemented by contract workers.
  • Development, test and release process
  • Opportunistic release cycles (variable windows)
  • Mostly incremental updates & improvements / maintenance updates
  • Developers test their own work
  • No formalized development method in place
  • Historically, no unit testing, automated testing or continuous integration practice were in place. Gradually being phased in for the delivery of new functionality.
  • Visual Studio Team Services is in use as main repository and collaboration space
  • Consistently applied naming conventions
  • Informal guidelines for code structure and documentation in the codebase itself


Due to the straightforward design of the application and consistent naming conventions, its general structure can be understood fairly easy. Upon closer inspection, each layer has some aspects that require hands-on experience with the codebase to navigate. For each of the layers, some points of attention are given below.